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Signature scent for 2018: Verbena takes centre stage at Fragonard! From its roots to its slender little flowers, Verbena was considered to be a magic plant during antiquity. The sun, water and earth were points of inspiration for the creation of this new ode to a perfume: the energy of the sun, which gives verbena and grapefruit their sparkling, lemony notes; the freshness of water reflected in notes of white flowers; the earth evoked by warm, woody harmonies. Its delicate fragrance has inspired a range of perfumed product, available as a limited edition.

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Verveine Eau de toilette 50ml

Harmonious and elegant, here’s an eau de toilette you won’t want to do without, summer or winter! The lemon beebrush, grapefruit and aromatic litsea of the head notes rest on floral notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang, which blossom in the warm, sensual wake of the woody notes.

Verveine Room Diffuser 200ml

Your house will sing with the fresh, magical notes of Verbena with these diffuser sticks.

Fragonard Verveine Savon Gift Set

Presented in unique Fragonard style, this beautiful coffret contains four Verveine perfumed pebble-shaped soaps.The art-inspired signature gift box that makes a wonderful gift or a beautiful indulgence. Made in France. 4 x 50gm