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Dali Perfume

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Ma Flamme 100ml EDP

From their encounter to the end of their lives, Dali and Gala have been « intertwined » inseparable. This symbol D in G expresses their electric encounter, the crazy passion that has linked them for a lifetime. It also symbolizes the great seductress Gala was.

Ma Vie 100ml EDP

The triptych expresses the communion between spirit, body and soul. It symbolizes the total and exclusive communion between Dali and Gala. At a glance, they understood each other, united in the same paradoxes, the same life, the same universe.

Ma Reine 100ml EDP

Part of the Dalígramme Collection, Ma Reine is a powerful and lush fragrance inspired by Gala, Dalí's queen. To compose Ma Reine, Mathilde Bijaoui used the spiciness of bergamot to echo the notes of pink berries and a heart of jasmine sambac to ravish your senses. As the perfume develops, you can also uncover the scents of iris absolute, orange blossom and a roundness of vanilla notes. A sensual and voluptuous perfume, this fragrance is irresistible.

Ma Force 100ml EDP

Ma Force evokes the power of Gala who is known for instilling a creative force inside Dalí. Composed by Véronique Nyberg, Ma Force is a fragrance with magnetic scents that leaves no one indifferent.

Fabulous Marudhaï 100ml EDP

Part of the Fabulous Collection, this fragrance is inspired by Marudhaï, one of the oldest cities in Southern India, known for its colourful and architecturally emblematic temples. Uniquely shaped, the bottle features the goddess of love and beauty from Salvador Dalí's ‘Apparition of the Aphrodite of Knidos.’

Fabulous Korynthia 100ml EDP

Part of the Fabulous Collection, Fabulous Korynthia is presented in an amazing bottle-sculpture of sensual and feminine nose and lips carved in a column of gold, inspired by Salvador Dalí’s ‘Christmas’ painting for Vogue in 1946. Imagined by the perfumer, Raphaël Haury,